Madrigale per 3 voci femminili

Francesco Petrarca, poesia n. 105, Canzoniere

Madrigali per 3 voci femminiliperformed by the Indiana University Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Carmen Tellez—Conductor
Original Italian English Translation
Mai non vo’ più cantar com’io soleva,
ch’altri no m’intendeva, ond’ ebbi scorno,
et puossi in bel soggiorno esser molesto,
Il sempre sospirar nulla releva.
Già su per l’api neva d’ogn’intorno,
et è già presso al giorno, ond’io son desto.
Un atto dolce onesto è gentil cosa;
et in donna amorosa ancor m’aggrada
che ‘n vista vada altera et disdegnosa,
non superba et ritrosa.
Amor regge suo imperio senza spada.
Chi smarrita à la strada, torni indietro’
chi non à albergo, posisi in sul verde;
spegna la sete sua con un bel vetro.
I never wish to sing again as I used to, for
I was not understood, wherefore I was scorned
and one can be miserable in a happy place.
Always to be sighing helps nothing. Up in
the mountains it is already snowing all around;
dawn is already close, so I am awake.
A virtuous sweet action is a noble thing,
and it pleases me that a lady worthy of love
seem high and disdainful,
but not proud and stubborn.
Love governs his empire without a sword.
He who has lost his way, let him turn back.
He who has no dwelling, let him sleep on the
let him quench his thirst from a glass.

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